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Got any books?

Have you been to your library this summer? We went last week and picked up a few good books. What are your favorite books? Here are some of ours…

The Beasties tells about a little girl who has just moved to a new home. Everything feels strange, and she can’t sleep. That’s when The Beasties tip tap into her room and tell her stories about their treasures. This is a fun book with great pictures!

The Pet Dragon is quite a short story, but it is special because it helps you learn Chinese characters. Chinese characters are sort of like the English alphabet, but characters are more like pictures. This book helps you easily learn the characters for words like mountains, father, sky, and river!

My daughter likes the book series about Katie Woo – she has lots of adventures! Here’s a short video about when she first starts school!

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Make your own comic book!

It’s easy to make your own comic book – my daughter made up one about Super Dog!

  1. Decide who your superhero will be – it’s more fun if you make up your own!
  2. Cut a sheet of paper into rectangles around the same size (these will be your pages).
  3. Start writing your story and draw pictures of things that happen.
  4. When you are finished, put your pages in the right order. Then staple or tape the edges of the pages together.

Who is your favorite superhero?

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The bees are back in town!

I hadn’t seen any bees in our garden for a while, and I was starting to get worried! Bees pollinate lots of fruits and vegetables, and without them, many plants couldn’t grow. Finally, a few days ago, I spotted a bumble bee on these purple-blue flowers…

It was busy collecting pollen for its hive — do you see the little yellow “baskets” on its back legs? Those store pollen — aren’t bees smart!

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Scotland and traveling!

Have you ever been in a plane? How about leaving the country where you were born and traveling to another land — to stay or for a quick visit? Well, I just came back from Scotland. I was born there but now live in the United States.

It’s hard to move to a new home, isn’t it? You have to make new friends and sometimes leave aunts and uncles and cousins behind. It can make you feel very sad. But it can also be fun to see new places and meet new friends!

Here are some photos from Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland — maybe you will go there one day! How is it different from where you live? Can you spot a castle? A giraffe? A bird on top of a statue?


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Wide-Awake Bear

I am sharing another book review from Jean Matthew Hall‘s excellent website. Please tell your grown-up if you’d like to find this book in the library and take it home to read!

Another Picture Book Review by Jean Matthew Hall Pat Zietlow Miller’s Wide Awake Bear is illustrated beautifully by Jean Kim. It was published in 2018 by Harper Collins Publishers. Baby Bear Elliot and his mama snuggle in for their winter-long nap. But only a short way through the nap Elliot awakes. He’s so excited about […]

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