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Super-easy Halloween costumes!

Do you celebrate Halloween? If so, are you going to dress up? Here are a few quick costume ideas in case you don’t have a costume yet!

A bunch of grapes – blow up about 10 purple or green balloons and stick them all over you! Then cut out a “stem” from green paper to stick on your head!

Photo by Melly Kay

A “punk” rocker – hang your head upside down, and ask a grown up to spray your hair with hairspray until your hair is messy and sticking up. Then find a tee shirt and turn it inside out. Ask a grownup to help you stick some safety pins onto the front of your shirt. If you can find a tie and black boots, put those on, too!

A birthday present – cut holes for your head and arms in a big cardboard box. Then wrap the box with fancy paper. Tie a ribbon into a bow and stick it on your head!

A donut – cut out two circles from a big cardboard box. Then decorate the circles with pink tissue paper (or brown if you want to be a chocolate donut!). You could also glue confetti on the paper to make “sprinkles.”

You can also stick an empty coffee cup on a plastic hairband to make a “hat” to go with your donut!

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