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Crayon craft!

IMG_1652Do you have lots and lots of crayons? More crayons than you know what to do with? We did, so we decided to melt them all together and create new crayons!


  1. First, I got a muffin tin and some paper liners.
  2. We tore off the crayon “wrappers” and broke the longer crayons in half.
  3. We put the crayons into the muffin tin — for some, we put the same colors together. For others, we experimented by putting lots of different colors together!
  4. I put the muffin tin in the oven on a low heat (from 150-275 degrees; ask a grown-up to do this part).


Some of the crayons melted into goo! Others hardly melted at all! We waited until the melted crayons had cooled down and turned from liquids to solids. Then we tore off the paper cups and tried out the new crayons!

The crayons that didn’t melt looked kind of weird — we liked that! And the sides of the crayons were bumpy from the paper cups.

You can also make crayons using candy molds – that means you get different shapes! Have you ever tried making crayons?

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