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Leprechaun trap!

A few weeks ago, my son and daughter decided to make a Leprechaun trap. I’d never heard of one before and thought they were very smart to think of it. Turns out, there are LOTS of leprechaun traps on the Internet!

Still, my kids designed the trap themselves out of an old shoe box, and they even made some fake gold to trick the Leprechaun!  They painted rocks yellow and then added golden glitter…


Then they decorated the shoe box with a rainbow and green grass to attract the Leprechaun. Then they put it by the window for any Leprechauns to see. We added a Popsicle stick, so that when the Leprechaun hopped into the box, he (or she) would bump into it, and the box would close!

The legend from Ireland is that if you catch a Leprechaun, he or she has to give you three wishes. Other stories say that they have to show you where their gold is hidden under the ground!

Are Leprechauns real?

No one knows for sure. The stories of Leprechauns are hundreds of years old. Leprechauns are sort of like fairies, and they are said to be “cobblers,” or shoe makers. They also like to play tricks on people.

If you do catch a Leprechaun, don’t blink! The legend is that if you look away for even one second, the Leprechaun will escape! Have YOU ever made a Leprechaun trap?

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