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Why is February special?

Why is February so special? It’s month number 2, right after January. It’s also the month for Valentine’s Day (February 14), when we tell each other how much we care! And it’s Black History Month!

In February, we take extra time to celebrate the history of African American people and all the great things they give to this country. There are so many people to celebrate that it’s hard to do it in just one month! But here is a special artist who drew the pictures for one of my daughter’s favorite books, Last Stop on Market Street.


Christian Robinson has won lots of awards for his drawings (illustrations). He has been drawing and painting since he was a kid.

My daughter learned at her school’s book fair that Christian met the author of Last Stop on Market Street, Matt de la Peña, while they were both riding the bus!

In Last Stop on Market Street, CJ and his grandmother ride the bus across town and meet all kinds of interesting people — like the lady with the butterflies in a jar. And the blind man with the white dog. CJ’s grandmother helps him notice all the cool things around him. So, ask your school’s librarian about this book today!

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